Spencer Gordon Bennet, A Lot of Movies Unaccounted For! A Brief Biography

Classic Film Aficionados

Fire Detective Spencer Gordon Bennet director Spencer Gordon Bennet

Spencer Gordon Bennet, (sometimes spelled: Bennett) anyone familiar with serials (silent or talkies) knows the work of Mr. Bennet, he has for a long while be considered the king of the chapter-play, and he may have more serial titles to his name than we thought! In September of 1928, a report on upcoming work by Bennet, the writer says that Bennet had already worked on twenty-two serials for Pathé. Well, by the end of 1928 Spencer Gordon Bennet is only credited with thirteen chapter-dramas.[1] In the Federal Census for 1920, Bennet lists his work as Director, Motion Pictures. The light-bulb truly comes on when we read a paragraph in the Behind the Scenes in Hollywood column by Dorothy Herzog, she illuminated that Bennet had been directing for Pathé for fourteen-years; the piece was written in 1929![2] Our further evidence is that we know that Bennet…

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