Edge of Tomorrow(2014)

Movie Reviews

Edge of Tomorrow is a sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.It is based on a screenplay which itself was adapted from a Japanese novel .

The basic concept is that of a post-apocalyptic alien vs human battle . Tom Cruise is caught in a time loop and is the only thing standing  in the way of the enemy known as Mimics. Over the years Tom Cruise’s movies have led us to believe that he simply cannot die . Maybe, it was time he made up for it and boy did he make up for it . We see him die a number of times in this one as he tries to defeat the mimics. Emily Blunt plays a battle-hardened veteran dubbed as “Full Metal Bitch” who trains and protects Cruise’s character .

The movie has all the elements that one can hope for . The story is good and doesn’t treat viewers like…

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