Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate says never to many Kasumi for Arcade


It seems that the Arcade version of Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate is getting another entry. This time it is another version of Kasumi. Known as Kasumi a phase 4 or Kasumi alpha phase 4 this hooded character is now playable. If you are confused as a say now is playable then let me explain. Remember Bayman unit that he was leading in the middle east warzone? Well this little beauty attacked them. You can catch a glimpse of her in the true story mode ending I think before she vanishes. Anyway our new deadly beauty has Kasumi moves as well as a few more. She is surrounded not only by a hood but a dark mist.

doa l_531477a682e2b

doa l_531477a762a5d

doa l_531477a721384

doa l_531477a741725


As always thank you for reading.

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