AGRIBUSINESS: Bipartisan Effort to Extend Biodiesel Tax Credits

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Since 2009, the biodiesel tax credit expired three times. But a bipartisan freestanding Senate bill could give an extra push toward the dollar-per-gallon tax credit.

Washington State Democrat Maria Cantwell and Senator Chuck Grassley introduced the bill that would last until 2017.

National Biodiesel Board Spokesman Ben Evans says the freestanding bill may help in an election year, but it may take a broader bill to get the necessary votes.

The Cantwell-Grassley measure has the dollar credit jump to a $1.10 for the first 15 million gallons of biodiesel produced by small producers, while restricting the credit to only domestic producers.

When the tax credit expired in 2012 growth in the industry slowed; it rose by 700 million gallons after the credit was put in place last year.

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