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Review: Pocahontas is a beautiful American Indian princess who saves the life of a European settler. Both end up falling in love which transcends race or borders.
Director: Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg
Actors: Christian Bale and Mel Gibson
Year: 1995
Genre: Animation, Family and Musical
Conclusion: 2/5
Was o.k. Based on a true story. There are only 2 animation films based on a true story. Pocahontas and Mulan. This film was in in production for 5 years. 55 animators were involved in designing the character of Pocahontas. In 1996 it won 2 Oscars. They were for the Original Musical and Original Score. Both for Music. It also won Best Original Song at the Golden Globes. One thing I didn’t like was that they changed the ending to this film. In real life Pocahontas goes away with the European settler but in the film she stays with her family.

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