Making a home comfortable for multiple generations

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(KPLR) – More adult children are moving back home with parents – and more grandparents are moving in with children.

Scott Mosby, owner of Mosby Building Arts, talked with Elliot Weiler about making life comfortable for multiple generations under one roof.

How to co-exist peacefully:   every generation has a different lifestyle. When multiple generations live together, those differences can create tension. But you can make changes to your home that help everyone maintain their identity, privacy and lifestyle so everyone can co-exist peacefully and productively.

Create private spaces or territories within the home that belong exclusively to that set of the family. If you can make a separate entrance to that area and soundproof it, generational harmony is almost assured.

This ideal set-up is possible for finished basements, or if you can rearrange an existing section of your home.

Building a room addition to serve as an…

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