Heroes Never Rust #30: Amalgam

The Drunken Odyssey

Heroes Never Rust #30 by Sean Ironman


I hate writing intended for an audience of writers. Writing becomes insular and blocks new readers from experiencing work. The comics industry has been guilty of becoming too insular as well, especially in the ‘90s. Yet, sometimes, creating art for people who already enjoy that art can lead to some interesting places. Throughout the past few decades of comics, characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics have joined forces. First, Superman and Spider-Man met,

Untitled 4

and from that point on, many more combinations were made. If readers thought it was cool that Batman and Superman fought crime together, two characters from different universes doing the same was even cooler. In the 1990s, Marvel and DC went a step further. Multiple characters from each universe met and fought, and in the end, instead of going their separate ways (at least right away), the Amalgam…

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