FLYING BLIND…or… How to Live in Morocco for 2 weeks on $800.00.

nudge. wink. report.


(so special it took me 10 years to write it)

ImageFloridaBorne and daughter: Lydia could walk into a funeral
and have everyone laughing in 10 minutes.

Things to remember when traveling to a non-western country

  1.  A pair of cheap flip flops in a plastic bag (to throw them away in just before you leave the country). 
  2. At least 3 packages of wet wipes
  3. A couple of small bottles of hand sanitizer.
  4. A small towel, small shampoo, and bar soap for the 4 showers you’ll have while you’re there (if you’re lucky).
  5. At least 3 pair of underwear, and
  6. A large plastic bag to throw your dirty underwear into.
  7. Pack 1 through 5 inside of 6 and place in your carry-on bag.

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