Dive In Steel – Steel Diver Sub Wars


Okay so Nintendo is facing challenges with the mobile market as millions of smartphones are being sold as each device comes and goes offering more to the market, the 3DS is a great handheld, it has things for gamers and for casual audience just like the DS and the both Gameboy, and Gameboy Advance was.

The handheld market has changed massively in the past years and no one needs to keep hearing about that, we all know the problems Sony and Nintendo are having problems bla bla bla and all that. So with all free titles available on platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry OS… Nintendo decided to go for its own free title known as Steel Diver.

Shooting in steel diver sub wars

Steel Diver is an old series, and we all know what it is, but the new game on the 3DS happens to be the first one I’ve played, actually it’s the only…

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