The Flappy Bird Saga

The McLernon Media Journal

Image Flappy Bird Title Screen, image from

Over the past few weeks the internet has been taken by storm by a popular mobile game. That game being the now infamous, Flappy Bird, created by Vietnamese developer, Dong Nguyen. The game was released on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in 2013 but did not achieve prominence until early 2014. Gamers found the game quite addictive and visually appealing.

However, the visual component of the game came under scrutiny almost immediately as its 8-bit look drew immediate comparison to Nintendo’s Super Mario series. Below I have included a short video which compares Super Mario World from 1992 to Flappy Bird.

A comparative video taken from my YouTube channel, Eoin PhatBeatsTV.

As one can see in the video, many elements of the games are similar. The most obvious shared elements are the green pipes which are used as obstacles in Flappy…

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