Superior Spider-Man #27 – Should old acquaintances be forgot?

House Of Flying Scalpels

I have never liked Spider-Man. Perhaps I should rephrase that, I have never liked Peter Parker. Last year when the inveterate Amazing Spider-Man culminated in a feat of villainous debauchery, Dan Slott underwent a voyage of the damned. Not only had he ended the life of Peter Parker, he served to desecrate his legacy by having Spider-Man live through his archenemy Otto Octavius. Though I speak emotively this venture has been an incredible journey, and Dan Slott has proven himself as a writer and as an innovator. “To kill your darlings” is what he did and it was no mean feat. The level of vitriol he received was inordinate but he persevered and told his story, Doctor Octopus as Spider-Man. To say that it was a success is understating the impressive double monthly shipping schedule and the persistent level of quality it maintained. For me the real question is why…

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