Speculation: Superior Spider-Man

Copper and Chrome


Amazing Spider-Man #700 was the comic that got me back into comic books. I had been cruising my local comic shop for a couple of months. I’d step in with my wife and son, just to take a peek, just to reminisce and see what was new. The feeling of nostalgia was so strong. All those new books on the shelf, the colourful art… I couldn’t resist forever.

When I picked up Amazing Spider-Man #700, I didn’t even know it was supposed to be the last issue of the series. I had a pretty extensive collection of Spider-Man comics from the 80s. I grew up on Amazing Spider-Man. I thought I’d treat myself to a milestone issue and see what was going on with one of my favourite characters.

When I initially read the “Death of Peter Parker” story in that issue, I wasn’t impressed. I felt kind of…

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