Outlast, is Terrifying


I’m currently sat watching my friends play this game (developed and published by Red Barrels), and I’m quite scared to be honest. The game’s ability to add tension is incredible; it manages to do what many horror games can’t do, and that it to actually scare you into submission. Rather than put you on the edge of your seat, it puts you further back so that you are closer to your real-life hiding spot for when the moment strikes.

You are Miles Upshur, journalist, who sets off to Mount Massive Asylum with the aid of a trusty camera, which is your ultimate tool in surviving this horrific ordeal. The camera’s night vision is your new best friend whilst the brightness contrasting the darkness beyond truly adds to the atmosphere. The aim to uncover the truth about this asylum soon becomes reversed, so that your only objective is to escape. Bloodied corpses…

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