No. 172

Madstoffa's crunchy house!


No More Heroes. By CpSingleton © 2014

I wanted to be a hero!
I’d heard of Spider-Man.
Swinging through the rainy night,
Oh, I was his biggest fan.

I searched for special spiders,
From Kent to Aberdeen.
I wanted to be the strongest and
The best hero there had been.

Then it was I saw a beast,
It would surely fit the mould!
But after it’s fangs had sunk in me
My blood ran suddenly cold!

No special climbing skills developed,
But I did have a sense of danger.
The bite was the worst i’d ever had!
I’d heard of nothing stranger.

My skin began to deteriorate,
A fever struck my head.
If I didn’t find medical help soon
I most surely would end up dead!

I passed out that very second
Words and thoughts distilled.
If not for a passing car,
I would certainly have been killed.

No more…

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