In Defense of the Casual Gamer

This Geek Girl

As a whole, I like to think that us nerds and geeks are pretty accepting of each other. We recognize and respect that everyone has their own flavor of nerd. Yeah, we do break off into mini-groups to celebrate our favorites, but we always come back together for things that are important. Like bad movie adaptations or banding together to protect the less socially-accepted subcultures of our group from the “normals”. But there is one sub-group within the nerd culture that still has a lot of haters.
The Guild is © Knights of Good Productions (watch here).
Casual gamers.
When players are accused of being “casual,” the connotation is nearly always negative. As if they are less worthy of being included, like they lack some fundamental aspect of being a nerd. Some feel that casuals don’t even qualify as nerds or geeks in the first place. Casual gamers are…

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