Haru and Mia!


My Azone Cat Aika arrived yesterday and I finally can present my little girls 🙂

Meet my animal girls!!! ❤

Haru and Mia

They are animal spirits (or kami) that also have a human form, and they live in a little hidden village where other creatures like them live. They usually do not show themselves to humans (who are so much bigger than them), but sometimes they show themselves to children. They will also be part of Mei’s story (watch the video on the bottom for more on that).

Haru and Mia

And they finally have names:

Haru (on the left) is a little wolf girl. She is quite confident and a bit crafty and also very smart! She loves earthy colors and clothes, and she also loves to play (harmful!) pranks and go on adventures 🙂

Mia (on the right) in a little kitten girl. She is very shy and takes a while to…

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