Funny Stuff About a Glass Half Full

Haley Brooks

Optimism is a funny thing. On one hand you have to look at all of the things that you are grateful for; your health, your family, your friends, an education, a future. But the other hand holds the shitty shit that doesn’t seem to make things any better; feeling hurt, betrayed, shocked, angry, confused. Regardless if on paper one hand holds lots more delicious, lip-smackin’ goodies, the grotesque stench of tunafish from your other hand makes it all very unappetizing.

Avril tells us to keep holding on, Dory wants us to just keep swimming and Taylor makes it very clear we are never getting back together.. These may make us feel OK in the moment, but sticking with this positive attitude is far from easy, especially when the shitty shit happens in the middle of something you thought was the good shit.

The fact of the matter is, sometimes good…

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