First Appearance: Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

First Appearance Comics and Games


Name:  Scarlet Spider 

Alias:  Kaine Parker

First Appearance:  Web of Spider-Man #119 (December 1994 Marvel Comics)

Created by:  Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler

“Unfortunately gentlemen…something else has come up.”


The Spider-Man clone saga.  It’s a term that makes most Spider-Man fans recoil in fear and disgust. It started as a popular enough storyline that was only supposed to last less than a year.  Marvel editors decided that if it sold, it should continue.  This gave readers an additional year of content that, frankly, did become way too convoluted for its own good.  It then ended with the controversial decision to make Ben Reilly the one true Spider-Man, a decision that signed his death warrant only a year later.

While most hate it, I actually have a soft spot for the story.  It was a mistake to try and make Ben the “real” Peter, but he was still an interesting character, even if they tried to…

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