Famous Bands We’d Invite To Play Our Party

AMP 1037

[cbs-audio url=”http://cbs1037litefm.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/bands-wed-have-play-at-a-party-2-25-14.mp3″ size=”normal” download=”false” name=”Bands We’d Have Play At A Party 2-25-14″ artist=”Zazza and Julie”]

Jon Bon Jovi recently played a wedding reception in Ft Worth. Of course, with a star that big, it’s almost impossible to keep it top secret, super hush-hush. Only a handful of tweets, and this Facebook post confirm the rocker was even in town.

Upon hearing this news, we thought about what band or musician we’d have play one song at our private party.

Being from Georgia, Julie’s family always has one song that they play at every party and gathering. It’s “Love Shack” by fellow Georgians, The B-52s.

John said he’d love to have an Outkast reunion at his party. He’d have them play “Sorry Ms. Jackson.”

Every year for his birthday, Tony has a massive luau party in his backyard. Every year, he sends an invitation to the same rocker in hopes that…

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