Couple Accused Of Fraudulently Taking Funds From Charity

CBS Pittsburgh

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — The “St. Vincent de Paul Society,” a lay organization, helps people who are in real need of food, shelter and other necessities of life.

“They need help with bills, paying their rent, paying their gas bills, certainly this time of year they get many requests,” says Father Nick Vaskov, Assistant Pastor of Four New Castle.

So when a man and woman in New Castle were accused of theft from the the charity, it sounded a lot like stealing from the proverbial poor box.

“They came to understand, someone was trying to cheat them – giving false addresses,” Vaskov said.

Police say 30-year-old John Gwin, II and 56-year-old Diane Vandergriff live on Edgewood Avenue. Both are being charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit theft.

Ms. Vandergriff answered the door, saying Gwin owns the house and she’s his tenant.

KDKA’s Mary Robb Jackson: “So you didn’t…

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