Comic Closet: Scorpion

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Top 5 Costumes:  Scorpion

Spider-Man has numerous well known villains in his rogues gallery and every few years they all get a new costume that they hope will give them an edge over our favorite webhead.  The Scorpion is no exception here; he gets upgraded armor and a deadly new stinger in each redesign.  Mac Gargan even got a brand new living suit, becoming Venom for a period (a suit for which we decided not to include on this list as it’s a living symbiote, to be politically correct.)   Being one of our favorite Spider-Man villains out there, we scoured his dresser to find what was there and picked what we believe are his top five costumes from several deadly choices.  Spoiler, they all have a deadly tail attached!


5.  Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2:  Part of me hates this costume and part of me like it.  The part that hates it wants…

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