The Mirror of Morgaine

“Because of the symbolism of the knife, which is a tool that causes change, it is commonly linked with the element of fire. It’s phallic nature links it with the God.”

 -Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner-


As a rule of thumb, I never purchase tools used for witchcraft. I have found that the tools come when I need them, though sometimes unexpectedly. When I was just starting out as a solitary witch, I didn’t have very many tools. In fact, a tarot deck would have been the most universal tool I had. Shortly after making a conscious effort to find proper tools though, I gained more than I could have expected. Soon, my tools were presented as gifts, often times for other purposes. My athame, was given in such a way, that I was at a loss initially.

The athame was given to me by a family member…

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