VC2 – Jazzin’ it up.


…Yeah, my blog grade for this class is shot.  😦


I started with the poster, as always.  (It’s safe and comfortable territory, what can I say?)  I used a saxophone as my illustration, like almost everyone else; like the eagle, this is traditional line art and digital color.  (Yes, considering my colors aren’t blended, a vector illustration probably would’ve been faster.  I like the irregularities of painted color, especially with the line art.)  I don’t think the layout is terrible, but it just doesn’t scream, “Come listen to jazz!”


That’s the iPhone pop-up ad.  The format was up to us; I chose half-screen because I want to suffer, apparently.  The saxophone looks pretty tacked-on, doesn’t it?


And here’s the animated banner for the university home page.  This was my first foray into Photoshop for animation, and it was awful.  I did figure out timing, at least (in that way, it’s…

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