Those oddly sexy moments of “Let it Go” weren’t just stereotypical, they were an example of how even a few weak storytelling moments or visuals can take viewers out of a story.

Unsuitable Girls

Frozen_castposter I’m a little late to the “Frozen” train but the whole family is now on fully onboard, including putting on the soundtrack on repeat and pre-ordering the Blu Ray DVD, because what else signifies an act of true love if not that. I’ve been in love with Idina Menzel’s voice for a long time, but the movie’s revelation was that Kristen Bell is as much of a powerhouse vocal talent. Unlike all the other main voices of Elsa, Christophe (Jonathan Groff), and Hans (Santino Fontana), Bell hasn’t been on Broadway or in a musical for well over a decade concentrating on TV and film, yet, she carried that film.  But, like the rest of the planet, my favorite is the movie’s torch song. Here are the top  “Let it Go” covers   and  here  that range from the astounding Christine Bianco imitating of different singers (amazing!) to one featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s…

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