The Doctor Is In: A primary care provider is important

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(KPLR) – Where do you go when you have a medical problem? Dr. Sonny Saggar talked with Elliot Weiler about when you should go to the emergency room and when you really shouldn’t, and why having a relationship with your primary care provider is important.

Connect with Dr. Saggar, the Medical Director at St. Louis Urgent Cares at:
• Twitter: @DoctorIsInSTL
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1. So what’s wrong with not having your regular doctor, and just going to the ER whenever you`re sick or injured?

Absolutely nothing, if you don`t mind waiting a few hours, paying through the nose with a copay and seeing someone who doesn`t know anything about your past medical history.

Let me first be sure that I do think many people should ALWAYS be seen in the Emergency Room, and these are the patients who have real…

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