Pastel Purple Hair is where it’s at!

Fashion and Media in Melbourne


(DARE and then 1 week and small amount of Paintbox for a tester) 

The photo had a lot of light and is the second round of product to get my hair pastel purple in my first attempt! The reason I say the second round is because I was highly recommended a product that was $25 and well it did nothing to my hair. The product is called DARE #1 Forget Me Not (150ML for NOW $19.95). Now I’m the fool who saw kitties on their product (damn marketing genius) and I’m always up for something new. So I bleached my roots and applied DARE #1 for 45min (even though recommend time was 15 – 30). Straight away I could tell it did nothing, the water was clear from the minute I stepped into the shower. Being furious with the product I left my hair for a week, plus added in…

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