guia nocon

I came late to the Miyazaki party by way of Princess Mononoke freshman year of college.  My friend, Tomer, played it off his 17 inch Power Book in his dorm room one afternoon.  I remember feeling uncertain about anime.  I remember leaving his room that day feeling incredibly sad that this had been missing for so long from my reality and happy at the same time, that I had experienced that movie and there were so many more to see from Miyazaki’s large body of work.  Now in 2014, I’m getting ready to watch his final full length feature film, The Wind Rises.  It’s sad that none of his films have grossed more than $15 million in the United States.  I think this country sorely needs Miyazaki’s lessons and his magic.  Americans could benefit from meditations on a simpler life, devoid of technology, interpersonal communication by mechanic proxy, Facebook…

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