I had a short b…

Confidence & Confessions

I had a short but interesting…and heartfelt…dialogue this morning, which has prompted me to write this message:

Regardless of our age, race, education, etc – we ALL want to feel as though we’re understood and accepted by others, especially those whom are closest to us. That feeling is natural because, despite what you may think, we are all social beings. We are nurtured by the physical & emotional warmth of others. This is the warmth that is generated by the energy that lies within each of us, and when we combine our energies together, it creates a blaze that magnifies the essence of who we are, and there is no greater validation, nor fulfillment, than this.

With that being said, there will always be those who will simply have no interest in understanding you. They will see a brush stroke of who you are, then complete the remainder of their…

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