EAGLE WATCHING: People Search For American Symbol


Dozens of people spent their Sunday searching for a national symbol.

The Iowa DNR joined several organizations to host the 10th annual Bald Eagle Watch at Saylorville Lake.

Telescopes were available and trained birdwatchers were on hand to help people catch a glimpse of the birds.

Unfortunately, there were fewer eagles out and about this year.

The DNR says that’s because there is fewer fish in Saylorville Lake for them to feed on.

“It touches people’s hearts when they can see our national symbol flying freely. That’s one of our messages. They need to fly freely from this generation to the next, and the next, and the next,” said Pat Schlarbaum with the Iowa DNR.

If you’re hoping to see an American Bald Eagle, the DNR says mid-March is your best chance.

That’s when an additional 100 birds will pass through on their way back north.

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