Disney Animation, Happy Anniversary, Twice Over!

Classic Film Aficionados

Saturday, February 23rd, 1935, saw the blustery opening of Disney’s animated short-film, The Band Concert; the first Mickey Mouse cartoon in color.


The first Disney cartoon in color was released on July 30th, 1932, “Flowers and Trees;”  hmm, I wonder if Tolkien saw Flowers and Trees? Ent, Ent. Uh (insert in your mind an elongated pause here), I mean, hint, hint.

Post Script: I hope at the least that my attempt at “talking and walking tree” humor brought a smile to your face, and was not completely lost or misunderstood, nor my post script with further explanation becoming overkill, or taken as insult if you did not get my joke at all. If any of the aforementioned (beginning with Ent, Ent.) is true, please accept my apology now, and forgive me, please. Thank you, this post is not over, it continues below…


Friday, February 23rd had the distinction to premier Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, a…

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