CHASE ARREST: Oskaloosa Man Says He “Panicked”

An Oskaloosa man is facing a felony charge after he led the Iowa State Patrol on a high-speed chase Monday morning.

Sgt. Scott Bright says the chase began on Highway 92 in Mahaska County around 8:33 a.m. A State Trooper tried to pull over a truck that was clocked going 74 miles per hour in a 55 zone. The driver refused to stop.

Speeds of over 90 miles per hour were reached during the chase and the Trooper lost sight of the truck twice. A tip let Troopers and deputies from the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office know where they could find the truck involved in the chase. The truck was located at a rural residence and 21-year-old Mark Groenendyke of Oskaloosa was taken into custody.

Sgt. Scott says Groenendyke told officials he “panicked” and that’s why he tried to get away. He wasn’t driving under the influence and he didn’t…

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