Anna Valdez – San Francisco, CA

365 Artists | 365 Days

Cultivating Domesticity “Cultivating Domesticity” oil on canvas, 36×48″, 2013

Briefly describe the work that you do.

My work is comprised of painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, animation, and digital media.  The prominent presence of patterns and textures in my art references physical associations, as well as memories. Recently, many of my pieces have been still lives. The set-ups for these have been composed of various household items such as my clothes, quilts, scarves, blankets, houseplants, drawings, paintings, books, records, and vessels. These items exist as a part of my domestic environment, and I have put them in my paintings as forms of self-representation.

I use various media to explore concepts and to see how each idea is expressed. My process is to work with the same image over and over yet using diverse media.

At what point in your life did you decide to become an artist?

My mother is a crafter and quilter…

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