46.5 million critical reasons to see poverty’s devastation

The Monster in Your Closet

The bathwater was on the verge of spilling over the edge of the tub, so I leaned over and turned it off.

My son immediately threw a fit. He was only two at the time, so his fit didn’t involve his now-customary attempts to negotiate. He mostly shouted “more” a lot and flailed around to show he disapproved of my decision.

“Sweetie,” I told him, surprised by his unusually strong reaction. “There are people in this world–”

What I wanted to say was, “There are people in this world who can’t give their kids a single glass of water to drink. This problem is not so big.”

What I actually did was choke on my words and begin to cry. As my son stopped flailing and focused on his toys again, I imagined what it would be like to gaze upon his cracked lips and be unable to give him…

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