Wonder Woman #28 – Review

Weekly Comic Book Review

By: Brian Azzarello (story), Cliff Chiang (art), Goran Sudzuka (layouts), Matthew Wilson (colors)

The Story: Diana versus the Minotaur—round two.

The Review: Much as it pains me to admit it, this series has definitely suffered some ongoing problems as of late, namely its ungodly slowness and a strange reluctance to let its star shine.  In spite of this, I remain steadfast to Wonder Woman in a way that I would with only a handful of titles.  I’m not enjoying each issue as much I’d like, but I still look forward to the next one every month because I know I’ll be getting a different reading experience from your typical superhero.

In a way, the series’ lack of focus on Diana is simultaneously one of its biggest weaknesses as well as one of its greatest strengths.  With Diana reduced to a tertiary figure, Azzarello is free to juggle multiple storylines featuring…

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