If you have never attended a Sarakasi show- and I mean the free ones- you have no idea what you’re missing out on!

Their first show of 2014 (held last Thursday 13th Feb)  was themed “Music meets Circus and Dance” and boy was it a CIRCUS! From daring acrobats flipping skywards on a huge see-saw;  to guys hanging by a thread cloth (literally) and making splits high up above the ground, some of the stunts had me cringing!


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And by the way don’t be fooled into thinking the acrobats carried the whole show home. The dancers were tops!And when I talk of dancers, forget sloppy or tired dancers hiding behind others after an hour of dancing. These people dance, no kidding!

I have a pal at Sarakasi (yeah I roll like that) and I know the kind of working out they…

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