Review: Rust and Bone (Audiard, 2012)

Movie Fiends

Still from the movie Rust and Bone

What a misleading trailer (I’m not even going to post it). Watching it created preconceptions about the movie, which turned out to be false and caused me to spend the entire film looking for the story that wasn’t there. Meanwhile, the story that was there had plenty of good elements on its own, if I had only been paying attention to them. A lesson.

Stupendous acting by Marion Cotillard, who was nominated for a slew of awards for her role as a recovering accident victim. “Victim” is actually the wrong word to use in this scenario because a victim is precisely what Cotillard’s character Stéphanie is not. She and the music (the finest two songs of which are from the Wisconsinite indie folk band Bon Iver and not on the official soundtrack) are the best parts of the film.

So, above caveat aside, I found the story a little loose…

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