Outlast Review

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Ever since games like Resident Evil & Dead Space started to take a turn more towards Action, Gamers have been clamoring for a true Survival Horror game that can scare the pants off them. Naughty Dog were the first to bring true survival horror back last year with The Last of Us but Shortly after, A Newly founded company called Red Barrels Studios unleashed hell upon us gamers with a Survival Horror game that is possibly the first of its kind in the form of Outlast. So just how is Outlast?

Outlast puts you into the footsteps of freelance journalist; Miles Upshur who receives an anonymous tip off about Mount Massive Asylum, A Psychiatric Hospital owned by the well known Murkoff Corporation however upon arrival; Miles soon discovers that things are not as they seem as shortly after breaking into the Asylum he discovers the corpses of numerous swat officers…

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