Outlast review

Matt Western

outlast Tired of your underwear not having any pee stains? Have you been getting too much sleep? Do you want to jump at the slightest noise at night? Well then, close the shades, turn off the lights and turn on Outlast. It’s time to scare the ever-loving piss scared out of you.

In Outlast you play a journalist who has received an anonymous tip that some fudged up ship is happening in an abandoned insane asylum. Classic horror game fodder. You decide to check it out equipped with nothing more than a video camera, a notepad and a distinct sense of regret as you’re hunted by the patients.

Developer Red Barrels has created the perfect storm of a horror game with Outlast. The atmosphere is tense and overbearing. The corridors are tight and claustrophobic. But what scares the player the most is that they have no defense other than to run…

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