Outlast is the Horror Game the PS4 Needs

Mistranslations for the Modern Gamer

The PlayStation 4 is a unique system. I’m not talking about the share button, the games, or any other minor feature that sets it apart from the Xbox One. What I’m talking about is the constant stream of free games early adopters are being given through PlayStation Plus. This is unique for several reasons – first, no other system in history has had as much free content consistently given as the PS4; second, the content given isn’t old, but stuff that is first to the market on the system; and third, the games are ones that many console gamers would never purchase normally. This last part might seem like a negative, and, from the outside, it is. However, by exposing gamers to a wide variety of games they normally wouldn’t play, Sony actually runs the chance of expanding horizons and improving the odds of genres gaining a fanbase. Many gamers…

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