Little Sparrow Look

The Makeup Honey

So earlier I reviewed and swatted the Constants and Variables collection but how to we use these wonderful colours?! Well if you need a little inspiration then take a look at this simple 3 colour smokey eye look.

Photo 19.02.14 16 18 46

To start off I made sure that my foundation and eyebrows were in place before I ventured in to eye makeup. Then I used Urban Decay´s Primer Potion all over my lid.

Photo 19.02.14 16 19 24

Next I added NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to the inner corner of my lid and blended it out. This is too make the lighter colour really pop out next to the darker shades.

Photo 19.02.14 16 20 08

I then applied Chapel of the Prophet to the inner corner of my lid. Next I applied Between Realities to the outer half of my lid and lightly blended the two together in the middle.

Photo 19.02.14 16 20 45

I also blended out the crease for a softer look…

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