Indie – Paving The Way For The AAA


The indie genre has amassed quite a following in recent years. Digital distribution has enabled the indie game to thrive in a way that seemed inconceivable to many individuals. Who would have thought that Minecraft would eventually end up selling over 33 million units, making over a billion pounds? Not me, that’s for sure. When you take note of where indie games began and compare them to where they are now, it’s rather staggering.

Success stories are becoming a regularity in this line of work, which is remarkable when you consider the limited resources indie developers are forced to work with. Despite the low budgets and small teams, indie developers still manage to create profound experiences of immense quality. This burgeoning genre has provided a breath of fresh air in an industry that so desperately needed it. What I find most gratifying about this particular genre, however, is its willingness to take risks…

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