Horror Noob on Outlast

Marklar Gaming

More accurately, "HOLY SHIT WHY" More accurately, “HOLY SHIT WHY”

Well – I played this game for about half an hour, and I think I had only made about 5 minutes worth of progress.

I’ve never really played a horror game, and maybe this is my noobness here, but this game pulled me right in.  I felt like I was there.  And damn did it feel real.

Basically you are a journalist equipped with only a camcorder (with precious battery-draining night vision capability) and tasked with the goal of exposing some not-so-good charitable foundation’s activity at an old mental asylum.

You can’t fight.  So your only options are to run, hide, or not be seen.

While your camcorder is up  you have the ability to produce notes in your notebook.  These help you along the way.

Here is a list of things that I thought were done really well:

  • Your characters breathing.  You can hear…

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