E-Cig Sales to Hit 100 Billion or More in Next Decade?


The electronic cigarette market has taken off like a rocket ship since 2012, with U.S. sales alone increasing 600% year over year versus 2013 (from 300 million to 1.7 billion).  Wells Fargo, UBS, and Citibank are all covering the industry and have come out with some serious projections regarding the growth of the industry going forward into the upcoming decade.  At VaporInformer.com, we though we’d put together the compilation of data we’ve gathered from the three banks into 2 nice graphs for your visual pleasure.

Current and Projected Growth of E-Cig MarketWhat’s even more impressive is the fact that we’ve read figures stating U.S. e-cig sales will soar as high as $300 billion+ in 10 years so it should be very interesting to see what that final number will be!  What do you expect to see happen in an industry that we vapers hold so dear to our hearts? Leave your comments/thoughts below!

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