A Trip Into Madness: Outlast Review

Mind of a Gamer

The sound of your own breath echoes inside a locker as you begin to hear the thumping footsteps of a machete-wielding psychopath enter the room. Your heart begins to rapidly beat in your chest as he opens the locker next to you. Equipped with only a video camera and your own wits, being discovered by one of these lunatics is sure to rattle your psyche.

Miles Upshur’s only friends in Mount Massive Asylum are the shadows and various hiding spots in Outlast on Playstation 4. Developed and published by Red Barrels, this first-person survival horror game provides one nerve-wracking moment after another.

OutlasttorturedUpshur is a journalist who gets a tip about the asylum’s shady practices and enters the facility with his trusty, night vision-enabled camera and a notebook to find the story of his life. He quickly learns that there’s something seriously wrong here. His only hope for survival…

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