Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy. That’s right.

failed critics

tinkerbell-the-pirate-fairy-03-636-380Although it’s not bad, Tinker Bell & The Pirate Fairy is dull, forgettable and soulless.

by Callum Petch

I should preface this review with two disclaimers.  1] I am not familiar with the Tinker Bell series of, predominately, straight-to-DVD mini-features starring the voice of Mae Whitman (Suzie from Johnny Bravo, Ann “Her?” Veal from Arrested Development and Katara from Avatar: The Last AirbenderNO, THE OTHER, GOOD AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER) as Tinker Bell that Disney’s DisneyToons arm has been steadily pumping out since 2008.  Well, I mean, I am now but that’s because I’m doing basic factual research to help with this review.  Going in, beforehand, I knew zippo and if it weren’t for my continuing mission to absorb all of the animation as it happens, I likely wouldn’t have turned up because… 2] This film, like the rest of the series, is going straight-to-DVD in America…

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