The Silver Screen Edit: On Comic Books

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What changes as comic books are made into movies? Why do they have to be changed in the first place? Do people even notice, or better yet, care that that the integrity of the original stories is being compromised? These are just some of the hard hitting questions on this very important issue.

Spider manI remember watching the first Spider-Man movie as a kid in 2002 “oohing and ahing” as Peter Parker scaled buildings, evaded speeding projectiles and overpowered villains with his super human strength, but most of all seeing Spider-Man sling webs from his wrists and watching him breeze through the city swinging on his webs. The idea of shooting webs directly from your body was so amazing to the five year old me. So when I was reading comics – specifically ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’- it surprised me to see Peter Parker using a mechanical web shooter, pressing a button…

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