The Croods


The Croods

Directed by
ImageKirk DeMicco
Chris Sanders

Nicholas Cage(Grug)
Emma Stone(Eep)
Ryan Reynolds(Guy)
Catherine Keener(Ugga)
Clark Duke(Thunk)
Cloris Leachman(Gran)

Now, I know this movie was released in theaters but there might be some who did not see it because it is a cartoon feature. This movie is definitely for the kids at heart!  This movie is set in the past, revolving around teenager cave dweller, Eep.  Eep’s family, led by her father Grug, lives their life in fear of everything, only leaving their cave for food.  Eep, like every teenager, strives for more freedom, leaving and exploring the outside.  Eep sneaks out one night and Guy, a strange new person who warns her the world is ending.  The next day, Eep’s family is taken by surprise by the ground moving and making the cliff above their cave collapse.  Eep’s family joins Guy heading toward “tomorrow”, where Guy says they will…

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