Sooner or later though, you always have to wake up

Happy as Larry


You go and ask anyone and the popular verdict on James Cameron’s, Avatar (2009) was pretty much a smash hit all round, IMDb gave it a solid 8/10 rating but I don’t see it deserving that. I said before, I’m definitely not one to follow the crowd when it boils down to opinions of the film variety and I hate Avatar. Hate is a strong word and I really hated it. Credit where credit is due of course, the visuals are astounding, I’ll give Cameron that. It is possibly the most beautiful fictional world ever created. It was out of this world astounding, literally. ‘Avatar blues’ was a genuine condition, as hilarious as it sounds, audiences came away from viewing the film depressed due to the fact they would never be able to visit this world for themselves. What made the stunning visuals possible was the technology they had to wait…

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