Review – Batman: The Dark Knight

Pumpkin's Seeds of Wisdom

dark knight

Director: Christopher Nolan

Released: 2008

Running time: 2 hrs, 32 mins

Genre: Action, Crime

Cert: 12A

Worth watching because..: Heath Ledger

I have always been a massive Batman fan. I had the toys, watched the cartoons, the films, read the comics, everything. Yet when I watched Batman Begins (the prequel to The Dark Knight) I found it to be a bit lacking. So when the Dark Knight was released I was quite happy to wait until the DVD came out to even think about watching it. However after a glowing review from my Mother, who has amazing taste in films, I thought I would give it a chance. And blow me it was FANTASTIC. I walked out of the film and was ready to walk straight back in to the next showing!

In the second instalment of the most recent Batman trilogy, Batman (Christian Bale) attempts to rid the city…

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