On Why the Fantastic Four May or May Not Be Racist

Three Yards

(Editor’s note: This post is going to be real. Potentially serious. Perhaps even real serious. Reader beware.)

So, Sony Pictures (holders of the rights for Marvel properties Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four) has announced most of the main cast for their new reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise, according to Variety.

Cast members include Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Jamie Hill as The Thing (Ben Grimm), Kate Mara as the Invisible Woman (Susan Storm-Richards) and Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch (Johnny Storm).

Let’s take a look at the FF, as they appear in the pages of Marvel Comics:

Fantastic-FourHere’s the cast of the new film, as announced by Variety:

fantastic-four-castingNotice anything?

Michael B. Jordan (far right), as much as he’s not His Airness, is in fact African-American. Not a big deal at first glance, obviously, until you get into the canonical relationship between his character…

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